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>Government-run Health Care

>I think it would be hard for anyone to look at the current situation surrounding healthcare in this country and believe that this is as good as it gets……..not a chance. However, it would also be extremely difficult for a clear-thinking individual to think that having the US government running our healthcare system is a better option.
This country was built on people in the private sector working together, putting their thinking caps on, and bringing out a solution to the situations that have confronted us as a nation since it was founded so many years ago.
The government is outstanding at building a military, building highways, and generally overseeing the things in our lives that contribute to our overall well-being, like the preamble of the Constitution states, “to provide for the common defense and to promote the general welfare”, it does not say to run or manage your healthcare.
I think a point that a lot of people are missing about this situation is that if we adopt a program that allows the government to manage our healthcare system, doctors will become employees of the government, at whatever the going salaries will be, and do you really believe that that lends itself to the best and brightest going through the years and expense that medical school entails, only to come out and have government dictate what care they can provide and how much money they can make?
There is a lot more negative in this proposition than there is potential positive……just think about it.


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