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>Up & Running!!

>Well, we’re launching this blog, though we don’t quite have it where we want it yet, and certainly not where it’s going to go……..we look forward to this being an opportunity for people to share travel experiences, i.e. what to watch for when crossing the border into Mexico or Canada from the U.S., what type of clothes to carry to what destinations at what time of year, favorite dining experiences on certain cruise ships, best hotel to stay at on certain exotic locales, out-of-the-way spots that you have found, or the best place to take the family where there are plenty of fun activities for the kids, certain concerts that you particularly enjoyed, etc……

We really look forward to this turning into an experience that everyone can enjoy. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the site, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We look forward to hearing from as many people as possible. Be sure to sign in, so we know who was here, and we hope to hear from anyone with a unique perspective to share, or anyone with a question about travel, throw it out there and see if we can get a response from the readers.

We hope that you will check out our merchants for your travel and leisure needs, and we are striving to find more so that we may bring you a variety of options that will hopefully make this the place you want to come for anything that has to do with travel and leisure time activities.

We would also encourage you to visit the other Graves Home Team sites, linked on this page. We are in the process of bringing each of them live as well, in addition to adding more blog topics, and would love to hear feedback from anyone on any of the topics.

Thank you again, and we hope to hear from you soon………

The Graves Family



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