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>Let us never forget…………let’s don’t forget where we were when we heard the news of what was going on in NYC at the Towers. I was on my way to work when I turned on the radio in the car and heard that the first tower had been hit. Of course, at that point, they said that it seemed like it was probably random, but then, while I was listening, they reported that the second tower had been hit. I remember calling Lori and asking her if she had heard what was going on. She had been on the phone with her mom, who lives in the EST time zone, and had called to let her know what had been happening. Lori and Jordon were watching on television. He was less than a month from turning four years old. How do you really explain something like that to someone that young? What a day, as it went on and the two other planes crashed, one near the Pentagon. I remember that I had NEVER felt scared within the confines of this country, at least from the threat of outside forces. Those of you who are such staunch critics of President Bush can say what you want, but that day changed the way that he had to lead FOREVER. I would venture to say that none of you would have wanted to have his job during the rest of his term as Commander-in-Chief. I remember hearing the phrase over and over, “the end of our innocence.” I remember the emptiness I felt for the people who were still fighting for their lives, and those who were fighting for the lives of others, laying their lives on the line in a very big way for people that they didn’t even know. I was probably never prouder to be an American, and it really was a time of great healing for our country, in the sense that we all came together in a way that had not happened in a really long time, and was sadly overdue. Not that I would ever wish another 9/11 on us, or anyone else, but our country right now is sorely in need of that kind of unity again.

We find ourselves severely divided over issues that should on some level draw us all closer together. We should be able to fundamentally agree that there is a problem with the healthcare system, and that reform in some form is desperately needed. However, because we can’t seem to agree on what that reform should be, parties on both sides want to steadily point fingers and lay blame. For example, not agreeing that the government should run the healthcare system is not the same as saying that the system isn’t broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. Private business in this country has always been a better solution to what ails us than to have government manage our day-to-day affairs. The government actually knows that, too, which is why so many of the agencies that we think of as government agencies are actually independent private corporations that the government contracts with to handle their individual responsibilities. I learned a lot about this during my time of selling technology, because my clients were mostly nonprofit organizations, and a lot of the ones around DC, and even spread throughout the states, were performing duties that I am confident most people would be surprised to find out weren’t actual government entities. The government makes an excellent overseer and enforcer of our rights as citizens, but they make horrible managers of business. The truth is that from a fiscal perspective, you know that if you or I managed our affairs financially the way the government does, we would probably be buried UNDER the jail. While that is nothing that is germain to this particular administration, they have chosen to spread the money around much more freely than previous ones.

Despite what many may think, I don’t view this administration as inherently evil, I just believe that they are sorely misguided in trying to determine what is the best way to give the American people what they want or even need. For example, a much better solution to the big business bailout that we had would have been not to reward those corporations for bad management practices by getting them out of the crack that for the most part, they had put themselves into. A much better solution would have been to shut those corporations down, taken the same money that they dumped into them, and invest it, instead, in the people that would have been affected by the companies closing down, but instead, now, we have the federal government in the banking business, in the automaking business, and other industries that they really don’t belong in.

What I really started out this post to say was that regardless of all of the things that seem to be dividing us right now, we need to put our focus on the things that bind us all together – mainly the fact that we are all Americans, and whether any of us like it or not from one day to the next, we’re all in this together. It is in all of our best interests to view our situation this way. While healthcare is a privelege, not a right guaranteed anywhere, it is critical that we figure out a way for ALL of us to have access to to good quality medical care, but the system needs to be set up in such a way that we do that and not the government. More government is never the answer. They need to keep improving the roads, and make sure that we have a strong military to protect our borders and protect countries around the world that need our help. The rest needs to be put in place, managed by free enterprise, and overseen by the government to ensure that the people’s best interests are protected.

If you received an invitation to read this, you are someone who means something to me, and, if after reading it, you still disagree with me, then I pray that we can just continue to agree to disagree, but always keep it on a non-personal level, because I don’t bear any ill feeling toward anyone for having a varying opinion than my own. As I have said before, many, many times, I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it.



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